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How It Works

Say goodbye to waiting rooms and long lines. Our certified healthcare professionals
provide a variety of health and wellness services – right in the comfort of your home or office.
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1. Book an appointment.

Choose a convenient date and time for our healthcare professionals to visit you.

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2. We come to you.

Our team member visits you at your location to provide the service of your choice.

3. Receive your results.

Receive test results for various services from your doctor or laboratory.

About Speedy Sticks 

Speedy Sticks is a concierge healthcare company that provides at-home and in-office concierge healthcare services nationwide to a wide variety of clients, including individuals looking to skip waiting rooms and long lines, enterprise clients such as businesses looking to implement wellness or healthcare benefits for their employees, and drug discovery programs and clinical research organizations looking to offer concierge laboratory services to patients undergoing trials.

Because customer satisfaction is a top priority, Speedy Sticks hires trained and certified healthcare professionals for all services.

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Services We Provide

At-Home Laboratory Testing Services

Did your doctor recommend that you get a blood test, but you don’t want to wait in line at a clinic? No need to worry– book with Speedy Sticks and get your lab tests done from the comfort of your own home!

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COVID-19 Testing Services

Whether you’re traveling, attending a special event, or just want peace of mind– you can book a COVID-19 test to be done by a certified healthcare professional from the comfort of your own home/office. We provide both rapid antigen and PCR COVID-19 tests.

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Peekaboo Gender DNA Testing Services

Curious about the gender of your baby that’s on his/her way so you can plan ahead for a gender reveal? Book a Peekaboo Gender DNA test with Speedy Sticks and find out the gender of your baby up to thirteen weeks earlier than with an Ultrasound.

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Legal Paternal DNA Testing Services

Legal Paternity DNA tests can be used as proof of parental relationship for legal reasons. Whatever your reason for wanting a legal DNA paternity test, you can now schedule an at-home Legal DNA paternity test with Speedy Sticks.

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DOT-Compliant Drug Testing Services

The department of transportation (DOT) requires special drug testing treatment for workers who are considered to be doing “Safety-Sensitive” jobs. If you are a worker for one of the DOT agencies and need a urine sample drug test – Speedy Sticks offers DOT-Compliant drug testing done by a healthcare professional from the comfort of your own home.

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Keeping Your Business Safe During COVID-19

Providing COVID-19 testing for employees who may be infected

Requiring masks to be worn at all times inside your place of business

Cleaning and disinfecting regularly

Installing hand sanitizer stations and encouraging staff to wash their hands frequently

Implementing a social distancing policy to ensure everyone stays 6 feet apart