What to Do Before a Blood Test in 5 Steps

Your doctor may order a blood test for numerous reasons. Routine yearly checkups, as well as new patient intake processes, usually require a blood test. This gives the doctor a baseline for your levels and a snapshot of your overall physical health at the time of the test.

This means that most of us will have a blood test at some point, often at least once a year. To ensure that it goes smoothly, and the numbers are as accurate as possible, you should know what to do before a blood test. These steps are not only for the sake of the test but for your comfort – many of these steps are about making your blood test easier for you to get through your busy week.

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Will Breast Cancer Show Up in a Blood Test?

According to the CDC, breast cancer is among the most common forms of cancer for adult women. Naturally, early detection should be a priority, especially for those with risk factors, such as a family history of the disease.

Since breast cancer is usually asymptomatic in its early stages, routine breast cancer screening is important. If you are an adult woman, you may have wondered: will breast cancer show up in a blood test? Though some blood tests can detect tumor biomarkers in people with cancer, there is no standardized blood test for breast cancer yet.

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