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Do Normal Blood Tests Show STD Results?

  • Post published:May 18, 2022
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Sexually active people owe it to themselves and their partners to remain up to date on their sexual health screenings. It’s the best way to catch diseases early and begin necessary treatment, as well as avoid passing it to someone you care about.

STDs or sexually transmitted diseases do not always present with obvious symptoms. However, even those that do can go unnoticed. If you are wondering whether you have an STD or STI (sexually transmitted infection), you may want to know do normal blood tests show STDs on your routine blood work.

You may ask yourself, “do normal blood tests show STD results”. But hospitals and labs do not perform STD tests on routine blood samples without explicit instruction to do so. Therefore, only specific STD testing will reveal your infection status.

Why Schedule a Blood Test?

Blood tests are a common routine for new patients as well as for many diagnostic procedures. Blood work can reveal not only foreign agents in your system but also deficiencies in your vitamin levels, platelet counts, and more.

Results of blood tests are not universal. The spectrum for what is normal changes depending on race, age, and gender, based on trends for those groups. Not all abnormal blood test results require treatment, but your doctor’s diagnostic process will often include blood tests to confirm or rule out diagnosis.

Types of Blood Tests

There are two main types of blood tests: blood chemistry panels and complete blood count tests, or CBCs. CBCs are primarily used to check for markers that indicate clotting, inflammation, or infection. These tests are therefore most commonly ordered as a diagnostic tool to rule out heart diseases and infections.

Blood chemistry panels, on the other hand, are routinely ordered to assess a patient’s general health. They are like a snapshot of your body’s overall condition and include your levels of fats like cholesterol, proteins, electrolytes, sugars, and other bodily enzymes.

Though these are the most commonly ordered blood tests, there are many others. Some, like a thyroid panel, assess the functioning of a specific organ, in this case, to diagnose issues with your metabolism and mood. Base metabolic panels specifically look for the markers that indicate hormonal imbalances that lead to liver diseases and metabolic syndromes like diabetes.

STD testing is just another one of these blood tests. Like the rest, it must be ordered separately and would not be routinely performed as part of a CBC. Normal blood work can neither confirm nor deny that you have an STD.

STD Testing

Since STD testing is not included in normal bloodwork, you will have to be open with your doctor about your concerns if you want them to schedule the test for you. Especially if you are experiencing symptoms, they may be able to schedule specific tests that can detect your most likely infections.

Not all STDs are detectable by all blood tests, so your doctor needs to have all the facts before scheduling your procedure. Chlamydia, for example, can only be accurately diagnosed from a urine sample, not a blood sample (this applies to gonorrhea as well). HBV, also known as the human papillomavirus, is also not detectable in blood tests, requiring a Pap smear instead.

Your doctor may want to perform multiple panels to rule out numerous STDs if they feel it is appropriate. A history of unprotected sex and a host of telling symptoms, depending on the STD, may indicate to your doctor to schedule a blood test to rule out certain conditions.

Do Normal Blood Tests Show STD Results?

If you are asking, “do normal blood tests show STDs?” it probably means that you are concerned for your sexual health and for the wellbeing of your partners. The worry itself suggests that you should take more steps to protect yourself in the future, including using protection during sexual activities and being open with your partner and doctor about your sexual history.

Routine blood work will not include tests that can detect STDs due to the number of potential infections and the complexity of each test. Speak with your doctor about adding an STD panel to your blood work so you can keep yourself and your partners safe.

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