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How Does a Peekaboo Gender Test Work?

  • Post published:June 8, 2022
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Since the American Pregnancy Association approved Peekaboo gender tests, they have been a frequently used method for determining the gender of unborn babies as early as 7 weeks into the pregnancy. They are available as at-home tests as well, which can be just as accurate so long as the samples are collected properly.

Continue reading to learn how does a Peekaboo genders test work, including how they are performed, how accurate they are, and the information they can give you.

When Can You Get a Peekaboo Gender Test?

Peekaboo gender tests can be performed as early in the pregnancy as 7 weeks. This means that they are months earlier than your first ultrasound, which is around 20 weeks. Your results will be available in around 1-2 days after the DDC or DNA Diagnostics Center finishes the test. They are packed with accredited PhDs to interpret and verify your results.

How are the Tests Performed?

Peekaboo gender tests work by analyzing the mother’s blood for Y chromosomes. During pregnancy, the baby’s DNA mingles with the mother’s blood, which could make Y chromosomes present if the baby is male. If the test is negative for Y chromosomes, the baby is female.

Since the test can be performed on a blood sample, it is relatively painless outside of a pinprick. Both the baby and mother are completely safe for this test, as opposed to other forms of gender reveal tests like amniocentesis, which requires the doctor to extract a sample of the placenta for analysis.

While these other tests are relatively safe, they pose a small risk of miscarriage. Since the Peekaboo gender test is 99.5% accurate, it is now considered the main way to determine the baby’s gender and the only way to do so as early as 7 weeks.

When Should You Not Get a Peekaboo Gender Test?

As mentioned, since the Peekaboo gender test only requires a pinprick, it poses almost no risk to the baby or mother. However, there are times when a Peekaboo gender test would not be the right option for you.

The first is when it’s too early to make an accurate diagnosis, which is any time before 7 weeks of the pregnancy. The second reason this test may not be accurate is in a case of a multi-baby pregnancy. In that case, a Peekaboo gender test would only give partial or inaccurate information. For example, detecting a Y chromosome in the blood of a mother with twins would only tell the doctor that there is “at least” one male fetus, not whether there are multiple males or females.

To determine your babies’ genders in the case of a multi-fetus pregnancy, you will have to wait for the ultrasound at around 20 weeks when your doctor can visually confirm the babies’ status.

What About At-Home Peekaboo Gender Tests?

At-home Peekaboo gender tests are now available through certain labs. They give you the ability to disinfect your finger, perform the prick, collect the sample, and ship it to a lab in a sterile container.

Whether conducted at-home or in an office, a Peekaboo gender test is 99.5% accurate. However, there could be a greater margin of error for at-home sample collection that can cause an inconclusive result. Additionally, while there are urine tests that advertise an ability to test a baby’s gender, there are no sex genomes in urine, so these tests should not be trusted.

The Takeaway for How Does a Peekaboo Gender Test Work

Peekaboo gender tests provide the only approved way to determine your unborn baby’s gender as early as 7 weeks. If you can’t wait until the first ultrasound, a Peekaboo gender test is safe and accurate up to 99.5% of the time. The other 1% is only for potentially inconclusive results. The test never poses a danger to the mother or baby.

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