Speedy Sticks is Shaping Medicine’s Future through COVID-19 Response

  • Post published:March 15, 2021
  • Post category:Blog

The current global pandemic has set the stage for the future of healthcare, and exposed many faults – especially in the realm of medical testing.

Testing difficulties remain at the forefront of the United States’ COVID-19 response as people across the nation cannot get tested, face long wait times in lines for testing and even longer wait times for their results, or risk exposure to get tested. While numerous businesses closed due to the pandemic, many medical start-ups have begun to address the issues facing Americans such as the one founded by Dr. Jeremy Jacob and Daniel Buitrago, who saw an opportunity amidst the global pandemic. The trio created Speedy Sticks, an at-home concierge medical services company that offers a growing panel of services including at-home phlebotomy services and Covid testing for individual clients and corporate solutions for small businesses and companies

Seeing a massive opportunity to service their starting community in the New York area, the founders see concierge services as the future of the medical industry. Since starting in August 2020, Speedy Sticks has expanded to New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida, and has plans to grow into California next (and ultimately every state across the nation as COVID cases continue to soar and more communities require testing). Beyond servicing individuals, Speedy Sticks also helps small businesses combat COVID effectively and safely by providing holistic testing and safety procedures. Utilizing their backgrounds in medicine and finance, Dr. Jacob and Mr. Buitrago created a rapidly growing medical business that ultimately not only provides much-needed services to the public, but also creates work opportunities for the scores of individuals who work diligently to make Speedy Sticks possible. With a diverse array of team members ranging from MD’s, PharmD’s, and NP’s to RN’s, phlebotomists, and MA’s, this company possesses a unique offering for its clients and retains a female majority across the progressive company.

Beyond COVID, Speedy Sticks plans to gradually position itself as the pre-eminent national go-to medical company for concierge testing services for a variety of tests that concern prophylactic medicine (such as monitoring and testing for STDs, cholesterol and sugar levels, etc) which aids in the prevention of various ailments and diseases. The market has seen rising trends in at-home medical testing, and Speedy Sticks plans to capitalize on this with their strong logistical system and network once COVID testing phases out. In Deloitte’s recent white paper on the future of health, they listed consumer-centric healthcare services and increased convenience in their envisionment of medicine in 2040. Speedy Sticks encapsulates this emerging, future-focused trend on personalized and convenient medical testing and also extends to the business operations field with its holistic offering for small businesses.

As COVID cases continue to rise across the country along with different, more-contagious strains entering the scene, Speedy Sticks stands ready to care for communities with concierge testing. Already servicing over 10,000 households, Speedy Sticks remains poised to continue its national expansion and capitalize on the emerging health trends toward personalized, at-home service and telemedicine.

— Published originally at Thrive Global on February 19, 2021