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Speedy Sticks Leads The Charge For At-Home, Mobile Medical Services In New York

  • Post published:May 24, 2021
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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in March of 2020, the medical community struggled to find its footing. Between inaccessible testing, the closing doors of urgent cares, and overwhelmed medical systems, many patients found themselves without access to reliable care. Speedy Sticks, founded by Dr. Carlos Barrera, Dr. Jeremy Jacob, and Daniel Buitrago, was created to address this issue.

While COVID-19 saw an urgent, time-sensitive need for care and testing facilities, many patients felt uncomfortable leaving the home. Paired with restricted access to medical facilities, and fear of viral exposure, the logical answer was at-home medical concierge service. Speedy Sticks offers patients an innovative solution, providing direct COVID-19 testing at home or the office.

The direct-to-patient style medical service allows for enhanced convenience, security, and a personalized feel that many traditional clinical settings do not offer. Speedy Sticks offers patients not only convenient COVID-19 testing, but a fuller range of medical services as well.

Started in New York, Speedy Sticks has already provided care to over 5,000 individuals, proving that the demand for personalized, at-home medical care is alive and on the rise.

The Speedy Sticks team enlists certified medical professionals ranging from MD’s to NP’s, RN’s, and phlebotomists. Their workforce is led by healthcare professionals committed to providing mobile health concierge services to homes and offices throughout the state.

In a post-pandemic world, convenient, safe, and direct medical care is forecasted to grow in popularity. As the demand for such medical concierge services and at-home testing continues to grow, Speedy Sticks has its eyes set on leading the charge.

Offering clients more control over their own health and providing healthcare professionals more control over their work, the convenience and flexibility of Speedy Sticks has proven to be an innovative model that works. Learn more about Speedy Sticks’ mission to change the face of at-home medical care and mobile phlebotomy on their website.

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