Laboratory Services for Long-Term Care Facilities

Discover unparalleled laboratory services tailored for the unique needs of nursing homes.

Tailored Lab Solutions

At Speedy Sticks, we specialize in providing comprehensive on-site collection and specimen processing services designed exclusively for long-term care facilities. Our expert team is dedicated to serving various types of long-term care settings, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and independent living communities. With a commitment to precision and efficiency, we bring advanced laboratory services directly to your doorstep, ensuring convenience and exceptional care for residents.

Our Services

Comprehensive Lab Testing

Benefit from a diverse menu of laboratory tests, ranging from routine blood work to specialized diagnostics, tailored to meet the unique needs of long-term care facilities.

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On-Demand STAT Labs

Our prompt and efficient STAT labs ensure rapid processing and delivery of urgent results, supporting timely decision-making for critical patient care.

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Phlebotomy Excellence

Certified and skilled phlebotomists conduct on-site blood collections with precision and compassion, prioritizing patient comfort and safety.

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Integrated Portal and EHR Connectivity

Seamlessly integrate our services into your existing workflows with our advanced portal and Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration, streamlining data management and enhancing operational efficiency.

Why Choose Us

Efficiency and Convenience

We bring the lab to your doorstep, eliminating the need for residents to travel for specimen collection. This streamlined process enhances overall efficiency and convenience, saving time for both residents and care providers.

Expert Phlebotomy Services

Our certified and experienced phlebotomists specialize in working with diverse patient populations in long-term care settings. Their expertise ensures a comfortable and professional experience for residents during specimen collection.

Advanced Technology Integration

Speedy Sticks leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance the accuracy and speed of our lab services. From automated specimen processing to real-time reporting.

Customized Solutions for Your Facility

Speedy Sticks works closely with you to tailor our services, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your existing processes and contribute to the overall well-being of your residents.

Our Clients

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