Paternity & PreNatal DNA Test

Whatever your reason for wanting a paternity test, you can now schedule one from a Speedy Sticks healthcare professional in the comfort of your own home. Schedule a test with us today for an easy, safe, and accurate testing experience, either performed by our professionals or yourself. 

If you opt for a legal DNA paternity test, it requires all parties to have their DNA samples collected by a certified healthcare professional. Legal DNA Paternity tests can be used as proof of parental relationship for legal reasons. Personal use is not legal in NYC, whilst legal use is permitted state wide.

What is a Personal Use Paternity Test?

For a personal use paternity test, there are 2 options; Speedy Sticks can mail a paternity test to you (which takes 3-5 business days) for personal peace of mind. This includes testing for one child, one mother, and one father.

For help to get this test right the first time, you can ask Speedy Sticks for a mobile healthcare professional option, where we dispatch a nurse to your location.

What is a Legal DNA Paternity Test?

Our Legal DNA paternity testing service is an easy, painless, and quick method for obtaining legal DNA paternity testing that is admissible in a court of law. With our mobile service, a trained healthcare professional will test all interested parties from the comfort of their home. These samples are sent in tamper-proof packaging to DDC testing laboratories for your results to be processed. This test is performed before the baby is born and the mother must be at least 8 weeks pregnant. This can be used for custody/court/insurance and includes 1 child, 1 mother, and 1 father. 

What is a PreNatal DNA Test?

Prenatal (Blood) Tests must be performed by a healthcare professional. This professional will take a blood draw from the comfort of your home, once you are at least 8 weeks pregnant! The father will need a cheek swab to compare results.Results take 7-10 days. This test is available nationwide for legal OR personal use. Legal use can include custody/court/insurance. 


Legal Paternity DNA Test vs. Home Paternity Tests

What differentiates a legal DNA paternity test–provided by a Speedy Sticks appointed healthcare professional–and a home paternity test is how the results can be used later. Results from a legal DNA paternity test are court-admissible, while results from an at-home paternity testing kit are not. This is due to a chain-of-custody process (with witnessed DNA collection) followed by our professionals. Our process ensures a lack of tampering and allows courts to then accept these results.

What is The Process For The Test?

When you schedule a legal DNA paternity test to be performed by a member of our team, a Speedy Sticks customer service agent will contact you to help determine the time and place most convenient for each tested party. Then participants in the test can have their DNA collected at different times and/or in separate homes. 

If you want to do this test yourself, we will mail you the kit in 3-5 days. From here, you can simply follow the instructions given. 

Once collected, we send the DNA samples securely in tamper-proof packaging to a DDC-accredited laboratory in Fairfield, Ohio, where DNA testing takes place. Here, the laboratory technicians carefully handle and prepare your DNA samples for processing. 

Independent teams run every paternity test two separate times. DDC laboratories in-house team of PhDs, then reviews the tests and prepares your results report to send to you.

Do All Courts Accept Results?

Not all courts accept results from a legal DNA paternity test—whether a report is accepted as proof of paternity is up to each individual judge. However, when a court does accept results from a DNA test as proof of paternity, these test results must be from a legal DNA paternity test– such as the testing service provided by Speedy Sticks– and not from an at-home testing kit. 

How Are Results Reported?

As soon as your legal DNA test results are verified, immediate and secure online access to the report is available for the decision-maker in the case. Also, they mail a legal document admissible in a court of law to all tested parties.

How Is My Privacy Protected?

We understand your DNA is a very personal and sensitive piece of your health information. Therefore, we ensure your privacy by taking these steps:

Further Questions?

If you have any questions about how your results are processed and reported please contact DDC – DNA Diagnostics Center.

*This content is for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace consulting with a healthcare professional. Please consult with your primary care physician or healthcare provider before engaging in any services offered by Speedy Sticks.